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Freak Carbon
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Freak Carbon One Barrel - Autococker Thread

Carbon Freak – Full Carbon Fiber Barrel
Carbon Fiber is utilized in nearly every competitive sport on the planet, from F-1 cars to tennis rackets and bicycles. GOG has brought the light weight and strength of Carbon Fiber to paintball as no one has ever done before.  This carbon fiber is no gimmick, it is pure performance offering all the advantages of the aluminum Freak with half the weight. There are no fillers in the carbon fiber weave it is solid the whole way through the barrel’s construction, taking full advantage of carbon fiber technology. The Freak Carbon is the highest quality carbon fiber barrel paintball has ever seen.

All the Accuracy – Half the Weight
The Freak Carbon paintball barrel uses cutting edge carbon fiber technology. The 100% carbon fiber construction allows this barrel to maintain the same porting as the legendary All American tip, while weighing in at 50% of the aluminum version.

Combine the weight savings with the most affordable interchangeable threads on the market, and you have an amazing barrel thats also an outstanding value.

Adaptable and Practical
The Freak System is arguably the most utilized barrel system in the history of paintball. People choose the Freak System because it can adapt to whatever paintballs they choose to shoot, on whatever marker they choose to shoot, anywhere they choose to play.

In an industry where fashion is short lived, it is performance that keeps a product popular. The Freak Barrel System has been the choice of paintball players since it was introduced, and can be found on the top markers today. With so many people choosing the Freak System, why haven’t you?

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