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Social Grit Paintball Pants
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Social Grit Pants

Grit Pants Features

Boardshort Laces:  Players spoke and we listened. We completely removed all zippers in the new 2015 Grit Pant line. This feature allows you to lace up your pants to your liking with a tighter or looser feel. We’ve included an extra pair of laces in case you misplace your original lace. You can also purchase longer laces at your local stores. This adds to our Grit line’s theme of flexibility.

Back Pocket:  We’ve also added a back pocket for valuable items. The back pocket has a velcro enclosure and tab for easy access.

Lightweight:  The mantra “speed kills” is a reality. We have taken every step to make sure it rings true for you, without sacrificing durability.

Adjustable Waist: While not one size fits all, the adjustable waist allows players to tighten and loosen the pants, keeping them secure on the field and easy to remove off the field.

Breathable Venting: “Swamp butt” is a real thing – adding venting in key locations, such as the crotch and calf area, allows us to keep you cool and, subsequently, on the field longer.

Flexible Knees: When designing products, Grit asks the question “what does a player need?” Naturally this led to the inclusion of a more flexible knee, allowing you to execute the move without thought or lack of comfort.

Adjustable Ankles: Grit realizes that every player is different in how they want their pants to feel, which led us to include adjustable ankle straps. Keep the mud out, or let the breeze in – the choice is yours.

Two Squeegee Pockets: Top level paintball players are required to be able to shoot with both hands, and now their favorite squeegee can be located on either side. Keep your gun up – a squeegee is always at the ready with these pants.

Dual Stitching: Durability was a major concern when designing these pants. Because of that, we added another layer of stitching to make sure that you can’t push our product, but that our product can push you.

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