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Goggle Lens
Thermal Lens for VForce Grill Paintball Goggles from Mike's Paintball, South Florida's paintball supply depot since 1981, Now supplying the World,mikespaintballcom
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VForce Grill Thermal Lens

Years of research and development have been poured into VForce's Dual-Pane Thermal Repacement Lenses. The result is a thermoformed lens that maintains VForce's standard of distortion free optics and special anti-fog technologies. In cooperatation with VForce's patented QuickChange lens replacement system and superior coatings, the Dual Pane Replacement lens is simply the best on the market for V-Force Goggle Systems.

• Fastest and Most Ergonomic

• Quick-Change Lens Replacement System

• Distortion-Free Vision

• Meets ASTM and CE standards

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Clear - All Indoor and Overcast Outdoor Conditions

Smoke - Extremely Bright or Sunny Conditions

Amber - Dark Conditions for Maximum Light

VForce Grill HDR Thermal Lens

High Definition Refractive Lens for VForce™ Grill Vision Systems

Providing True and Accurate Vision along with Anti-Fog Technology Has become the core of VForce™ lens Technology.

Our new HDR Lenses take it to the next level, designed to filter harsh sunlight for Zero Glare and Reduced UV while Enhancing Color, Clarity and Contrast. These lenses have raised the bar and surpassed industry standards.

Play your outdoor games in crystal clear vision no matter what weather conditions are, and do it style with an array of mirrored color choices!
Supernova, Crystal, Sapphire, Mercury, Kryptonite, Magneto, Imperial, Pulsar and Titan

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• Zero Glare and reduced UV

• Distortion-Free w/Anti-Fog

• Meets ASTM / CE Standards

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